“We do more so you are worth more” is the expression of our guiding philosophy. In this pursuit, we steadfastly adhere to these principles:

Management services starts and ends with people. It is a service business. Proactive, personal, regular, and friendly face-to-face attention is required. Administrative work is important, but it is a means to an end and no substitute for the benefits of working in close cooperation with clients. We view this business as our assets serving your assets.

Treat each property we manage as if it is our own. Very few service providers have ownership experience. In addition to our management services, we are also a developer and owner. This makes us uniquely qualified to understand our clients’ needs and goals.

It is not a property; it is an investment. Most managers see a building to be managed today. We see an asset whose value should be maintained and grown in the future.

Everything starts with a plan. Goals are successfully achieved only through thorough consideration and documentation. For each property we manage, we write a full business plan for the asset which is then consulted with and approved by the owner.

Keep it in-house. Nearly all the directors in our company have 10 or more years with White Star Real Estate. Their collective expertise in asset and property management, legal, sales, construction and technical management, leasing, and marketing represent a pool of experience unsurpassed in the market. To the greatest extent possible, we engage our directors in meeting challenges in order to minimize client expense.

Answer questions before they are asked. In any customer service business, communication is key. Our team members anticipate the questions clients will ask and present the required information in advance. We also consistently advise our tenants and owners of issues before they can develop into challenges.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Regular preventative maintenance is of the highest priority, especially in aging buildings. We have strict guidelines for operational audits, including routine review of conservation schedules.

Satisfaction is over-rated. In today’s business world, client satisfaction is not sufficient. We aim to routinely exceed our clients’ expectations.