Cost-Saving Alternative to Capital Expenditure

Our solution resulted in significant savings of money and time.

Property Name: BSR Center
Location:Budapest, Hungary
Property Type:Office
Service Types:Leasing (Renewals), Property Management, Technical & Facilities Management
Size:27,829 m²
Client:GLL RE Partners
Main Tenants:AXA, Erste Bank, Hungarian State Treasury, CMA CGM, Salamander
Quote:“Thinking just like an owner does, we found a less expensive, faster solution that solved the tenant’s concern.”


At a new building recently purchased by our client and under our management, operable windows (rather than doors) had been installed to provide access to the terraces. The full-length windows were quickly becoming worn out, and the tenant was dissatisfied. An external project management consultant recommended a €40,000 capital expenditure to replace the windows with new doors.


Our property manager, in consultation with our in-house construction management team, devised a simple but innovative technical solution for the problem. Instead of changing the doors completely, stronger hinges were installed onto the terrace windows.


We decreased the owner’s planned capital expenditure cost by 87%. Moreover, the tenant was pleased, since the solution took only a few days (instead of weeks) to complete.