Protecting Against a Fire’s Financial Impact

Our long-time fire consultant helped to show that a fire was not the owner’s responsibility.

Property Name: Diamond Business Park Łódź
Location:Łódź, Poland
Property Types:Warehouse/Logistics, Office
Service Type:Property Management
Size:60,000 m²
Quote:“By thoroughly researching the issue, we helped the owner’s financial and professional standing.”


A tenant storing flammable materials suffered a fire that damaged its premises, as well as that of a neighboring tenant. The loss was estimated at approximately €400,000. The initial fire brigade, police, and insurance inspection did not find any probable reason for the fire. When the tenant suggested a possible short circuit in electrical installation, it appeared that the owner’s all-risk insurance would have to cover the loss, which would increase the owner’s premiums and other costs.


We asked our long-time fire consultant to review the scene. His in-depth investigation revealed the tenant’s method of storing the materials amplified the chances of self-ignition. We passed this information to the prosecutor who determined the tenant responsible for the damage.


With the loss covered by the tenant’s liability policy, the owner did not need to come out of pocket for a deductible and avoided higher insurance costs or potential additional capital expenditure investments. Additionally, the property maintained its reputation as a well-constructed, safe place to work.