Construction of Eötvös12 Villapark on Svábhegy began with ‘cornerstone renewal’

The construction of Eötvös12 villa park that houses the late Svábhegy Sanitarium began at the end of May with the renewal of the original cornerstone. The monumental main building will be preserved and renovated surrounded by 3.5 hectares of beautifully landscaped garden. Budapest’s most elegant residential area will be finished in 2023.

The ravaged area that has been known as the Svábhegy Sanitarium for decades was acquired from a private individual 3 years ago. The investor undertakes the preservation and renovation of the monumental main building, the foundation stone of which was laid back in the 1920s. Construction has started by White Star Real Estate with the renewal of this cornerstone. Due to the pandemic, no ceremony was permitted, a plate was placed to commemorate this milestone in the monument’s history.

On the 3,5-hectare land, 6 smaller contemporary villa buildings will be added to the iconic monument building renovated in art-deco style, accommodating altogether 106 premium homes for residents seeking peace and quiet in quality surroundings.  To ensure the maximum possible green space on site, internal car traffic will be directed below the surface level.

The developer co-operates with the Green Office of the local municipality and with environment protection professionals to best handle the flora and fauna of the territory. The ratio of land taken by buildings and roads will be smaller than before, preserving more area for parks and walkways. New trees will be planted not only in the place of dried out and ill trees, but many additional trees will be planted. Altogether more than 1000 trees will live on the 3.5 ha land, many more than beforehand. 

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