Diamond Business Park Stryków

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Since its inception, the Diamond Business Park brand has been leading the business park sector in the CEE region, for quality and value. Diamond Business Park Stryków is a light industrial park, and White Star Real Estate has been handling property management, leasing coordination, and occasional management issues since it was built. Phase I of the project currently counts 29,756 m2, with additional 10,000 m2 under construction. Once Phase I is completed, an expansion to 55,000 m2 is planned in Phase II.

The project is located in Stryków – a small town, approximately 16km from Łódź. DBP Stryków has direct access to A2 highway via the national road no 71. In the last few years the road infrastructure has significantly developed and the main junction of A2 and A1 highway is just 1.5 km away from the Project. The A2 highway is the East-West route connecting Warsaw and Berlin, and A1 is a route connecting North with Central Poland. Recently, part of the A1 highway that bypasses the city of Łódź was delivered which has increased the attractiveness of the location. Currently, it takes approximately 2 hours to get to the largest cities in Poland (Wroclaw, Poznan, Katowice) and less than 1-hour drive to Warsaw.

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DBP Stryków is located in Stryków, Poland


stryków, poland

development & management

  • Location:

    Stryków, Poland

  • Property type:


  • Service Types:

    Development and Management

  • Size:

    29,756 m2

  • Main Tenants:

    Fresenius Kabi, Pyroll

  • Completion date:


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