Liberty Technology Park: building permit for Liberty Residential

WSRE takes further steps to transform Liberty Technology Park from a traditional industrial area into a unique mixed-use project. We obtained the building permit for Liberty Residential. 268 fully finished apartments located in two buildings, with underground parking, ground floor with generous gardens and 6 levels of various apartment types, suitable for all tastes and desires, estimated to be delivered in Q1 2023.

The two buildings are designed to have a large park in the middle that offers not only the opportunity to enjoy the carefully selected landscape but also the privacy when in your home. The large alleys, elegant trees and bushes, and chic benches will transform your stroll in the park into a unique experience every time.

One of the greatest advantages of being located in a mixed-use project is that our residents will benefit from the facilities existing and to be added on later. For all those living in Liberty Residential or working in Liberty Technology Park there are a series of facilities in the park (medical services, fitness centre, restaurants, electric car charging stations, ATMs, conference rooms).

As we advance in our project, a 5,000 sqm retail and services area, and a kindergarten will be added, once we complete the development of the additional 3 new office buildings.

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