The Park Kraków implements innovations

A self-sufficient A-class office campus in Krakow's Podgórze will not only be green, but also full of innovative solutions. The latest investment of White Star Real Estate in Krakow offers future tenants a mobile application that will significantly facilitate communication and use of the infrastructure. In addition, the buildings will be equipped in an intelligent parking system, an innovative ventilation system with UV air purifying lamps, as well as electric car charging stations.

The innovative mobile application will significantly facilitate communication and the use of infrastructure, at the same time being a platform enabling constant two-way contact between the tenants and the landlord. With the app tenants will be able to invite guests – using a special QR code, which will allow them to enter the car park, the building and use elevators without the need to use cards. Moreover, employees using the application will learn about planned events or promotions at service points, they will also be able to report any defects. The application will also optimize the use of the car park - an employee who is absent on a given day may share his space with another person. It will increase the comfort of tenants and increase the efficiency of using available resources and save time.

“We understand innovation as a constant pursuit of excellence. Our ambition is to provide tenants with the best possible working and resting opportunities - this is the common goal of all people involved in The Park Kraków project, from architects to community managers who care about the integration of the tenant community. The innovation department at the White Star Real Estate is constantly looking for new solutions from space arrangement and architectural concept of buildings to the development of green areas. Thanks to this approach, our projects set new standards and stand out from the crowd." – said Bartosz Prytuła, Managing Partner in White Star Real Estate.

The project has a wide range of ecological solutions, for example photovoltaic panels – energy from them will be used in the common parts of the property. Thanks to this feature, the buildings will be characterized by high energy efficiency. The well-being of employees will be ensured by an innovative ventilation system equipped with UV lamps, thanks to which the air in both office spaces and in the underground car park will be 99.9% pollution-free. Large, glazed areas will provide tenants with excellent access to daylight, which has a key impact on the well-being and productivity of employees. Internal sun blinds will allow to regulate sunlight depending on people’s needs, and the easy to open window modules will provide access to fresh air.

As the name of the project suggests, The Park Kraków will be distinguished by a very large amount of greenery. The entire space between the buildings, with a total area of 3 ha, will be car traffic free and open to pedestrians. It will be developed with carefully selected greenery, water elements and natural materials, in accordance with the principles of biophilic design. All applied solutions in the project combined with a wide range of amenities, incl. restaurants, cafes, service premises, as well as relax zones, will create an exceptionally friendly working environment.

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