White Star Logistics launches first logistics centers in Poland

White Star Logistics, a new joint venture between Bain Capital Credit and White Star Real Estate, is launching two logistics centers in Poland, in the Warsaw suburbs of Nowy Konik and Raszyn. These areas are in high demand for warehousing, light industrial uses and from the ever-growing e-commerce market. The total area of both projects will be approximately 120,000 sqm.

The location of the logistics centers will allow for effective distribution in the capital and easy access to national roads and motorways. The sites were chosen based on current market requirements, new trends such as e-commerce and last mile logistics, forecasted growth areas and tenant needs. Companies striving to improve the last leg of delivery to customers are increasingly turning to tech-driven solutions and convenient locations enabling efficient service to large urban metropolitan locations.

“The logistics services market in Poland is developing dynamically. We are observing continuing demand growth for warehouse space, which is why we decided to expand our existing operations with a new JV, White Star Logistics. We’re planning further development and future expansion in Poland including four new locations this year, and ten to twelve logistic centers over the next three years in attractive locations across the country.” says Bartosz Szewczyk, Managing Partner, Poland.

The logistics centers are the first projects for Bain Capital Credit and White Star Real Estate’s joint venture, White Star Logistics, which seeks to create a network of modern logistics centers in Poland’s most in-demand markets to offer tenants a wide choice of preferred locations.

Warsaw Nowy Konik and Warsaw Raszyn will be modern Class A logistic centers, distinguished by green solutions to minimize the properties’ carbon footprints. The properties will feature photovoltaic panels, water recycling, energy efficient systems and electric vehicle charging stations. In both locations, the local land development plan allows not only storage, but also light production. Additionally, buildings will be BREEM certified at the “Very Good” level.

“We are pleased to launch our White Star Logistics joint venture with these two projects, to meet growing demand for real estate within the Polish logistics market,” says Fabio Longo, Managing Director at Bain Capital Credit. “This is another European real estate joint venture, aimed at growing our real estate portfolio through attractive investment opportunities.”

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