White Star Real Estate services

We provide differentiated services in the field of real estate which include both development and property management.


Starting with an in-depth knowledge of the local real estate markets to identify the best opportunities, to coordinating land acquisition, zoning optimization, and securing permits, all the way through design, construction, leasing and disposal, WSRE’s innovation and experience offers its clients unrivalled quality of service throughout the entire development process.

WSRE developments include a wide range of properties, including office, industrial, retail, entertainment and residential, as well as purpose-built projects.



White Star Real Estate has a unique mix of in-house professionals enabling us to provide an integrated approach to the following services, to suit the needs of our development partners, and third party management assignment.

Provided services

  • Developers make the best asset managers: our asset management clients benefit from our unique hands-on development and ownership experience.

    • Acquisition services
    • Strategic asset portfolio planning
    • Preparation and updates of formal annual business plans
    • Monitoring of markets and competition, and making strategic recommendations accordingly
    • Management of external valuation processes
    • Management of financial obligations, bank reporting, and fulfillment of owner’s covenants
    • Selection and supervision of property management
    • Selection and coordination of leasing services
    • Coordination of project management services
    • Implementation of various value-added services
    • Creating and implementing capital improvement budgets and plans
    • Disposal services
  • We manage all of our own developments, retain management after our developments are sold, and are frequently brought back to our old properties to optimize and redevelop. Our clients truly value our experience because it allows them to concentrate on being strategic owners, not day-to-day operators.

    • Optimization of operating costs
    • Analysis and reporting of costs and revenues with performance indicators
    • Preparation of annual business and operational plans
    • Issuance of invoices for rent and service charges
    • Debt collection and monitoring
    • Bookkeeping of receivables and operating costs
    • Regular operational reporting
    • Tenant coordination
    • Collection of rents and administration of deposits
    • Management of guarantees
    • Monitoring of key lease dates
    • Annual rent review and indexation
    • Administration of lease agreements
    • Online help desk access
    • Routine tenant surveys
    • Bulk energy purchase discounts
    • Detailed tenant manuals
    • Maintenance of building equipment
    • Comprehensive property audit (”health check”)
    • Coordination of safety and operational inspections
    • Monitoring fulfillment of legal requirements
    • Energy management
    • Coordination of capital improvements
    • Tendering and contracting of building management services
    • Cleaning and waste management
    • Reception
    • Security
    • 24-hour emergency stand-by services
  • We ensure the physical value and ​appearance of our properties by overseeing all technical, saftey,​ statutory, and housekeeping issues.

    • Yearly maintenance planning, including required inspections by local authorities
    • Day-to-day monitoring of maintenance tasks for the building and equipment
    • Supervising subcontractors
    • Maintaining an inventory of building, plant, and machinery parts
    • Managing defect repair projects and recording defects
    • Providing on-site technical staff during working hours
    • Providing a 24-hour on-call technical staff member
    • Energy management and efficiency advising
    • Fire, health, and environmental protection planning in accordance with local laws
    • Preparing monthly work reports
  • Our leasing managers understand our​ owners, our tenants, our properties and​ the local, regional and industry market​ trends. They have the knowledge and​ insight to respond the ever-changing​ market conditions.

    • Development of leasing strategies
    • Drafting and implementation of marketing plans and budgets
    • Evaluation of and suggestions on improvements to lease agreement templates
    • Coordination with multiple agents to maximize exposure
    • Premise inspections and tenant communication
    • Direct tenant negotiation
    • Regular reporting on status/progress
    • Marketing events and campaigns
    • Competition analysis and reporting
    • Proactive and proprietary Tenant Care Program
    • Staff training systems
    • Proprietary Online Retail Metrics software
  • Our project managers understand our client’s​ goals and deliver turnkey solutions. Coming​ from a developer’s background, we understand​ both our owners' and the tenants’ perspectives for​ successful completions that satisfy the expectations of both.

    • Development and/or review of technical specifications
    • Supervision of architectural and/or engineering processes/designs
    • Preparation and/or evaluation of scopes of work
    • Cost estimations and budgeting
    • Management of permitting processes
    • Tendering of construction works
    • Contract negotiation and preparation
    • Direct management of construction works, either through a general contractor or as packages
    • Manage and report on schedule and milestones
    • Change order management
    • Review and evaluation of as-built documentation
    • Defect List compilation and management of rectification
    • Contractor payment management (including penalties and set-offs)
    • Summary Cost and Completion Reports
    • Supervision of both speculative and build-to-suit projects
    • Technical audits (“health checks”)
  • As much as 45% of operating costs are energy; one of largest cost factors in building operation. Our effective management employs a high level of operational and technical expertise, coupled with reliable administration that allows for an effective and substantial reduction in costs.

    • Optimized energy procurement and management
    • Legal expense optimization
    • Tenant care strategies and implementation of tenant care programs
    • Software implementation
    • Consulting services